ትናንት ዛሬና ነገ- Amharic Motivation

ሶስት እርምጃ ለመክሊት; Three feet from your goal

አብዮቱ - Self Revolution, The fist Step to greatness

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Check out some videos.

መንገድህን ምረጥ- Choose Your way

በጭቃ የተሸፈኑ ወርቆች- WE are all Gold inside

እኔ ለሃገሬ ምን አደረግኩላት?-Ethiopia Hagere

ሁሉም ያልፋል Best Ethiopian Motivational Video

ሶስቱ የደስታ ህጎች-three rules of happiness

ሰው እንደ አስተሳሰቡ ይኖራል- Its how you see it